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Coaching Young People For Success

Coaching Young People For Success by Life Business

About the Program

Coaching Young People For Success (CYPFS) is a complete ”turn key” Life, Career and Performance Coaching system that schools and youth agencies can deliver themselves straight away! The CYPFS program was developed by Life Business Consultancy in Australia and is designed for teachers, counsellors, and youth professionals. It is currently being delivered across Australia, various parts of the United States, and is now sweeping across Ontario. To date, Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca is the only Coaching Young People For Success licensed agent in Canada.

How it Works

Coaching Young People For Success includes 3 Coaching Modules that can be delivered separately or together to assist young people design an inspiring Life, Career and School Performance Pathway Plan from the inside-out. The program includes a two day Leaders Training Program, a complete Leader’s Coaching Kit and Pathway Plan Answer Worksheets that will guide all future coaching sessions.

Becoming a CYPFS Leader

If you are interested in becoming a leader, you can set up in-house training with a minimum of 10 people by contacting us at the addresses provided below. We currently have 6 Coaching Young People For Success trainers across the Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts who have been licensed to train new CYPFS leaders. For those outside of these Districts, we will send Trainers to you once you have a group together. Please contact us for program pricing and training quotes.

CYPFS in Canada

In early 2010, Robyn Chellew and Olga Varsos, co-founders of the Coaching Young People For Success program, made the trip from Australia to North Bay, Ontario to train 6 train-the-trainers. Since then, over 120 CYPFS leaders have been trained and have been utilizing the program throughout School Boards and community agencies in the Nipissing, Parry Sound and Muskoka Districts. Click here for a full list of those trained in Canada.

Ordering Worksheets

CYPFS worksheets can be ordered through Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca by downloading the worksheet order form here and submitting it using the contact information below:

Phone: (705)-476-2293 x 1210
Fax: (705)-495-8555
Email: [email protected]

Coaching Young People For Success c/o
Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca
222 Main St. E
North Bay, ON
P1B 1B1

For more Coaching Young People For Success program information please visit http://www.coachingyoungpeopleforsuccess.com/ or contact us above.

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