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Families Celebrate Autism Awareness Month in North Bay

Posted on: October 17th, 2016
Autism Open House Photo

Rikki Durocher and Kelly Hingley, both with Autism Services at Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca interact with a child and share information with her family at the Hands Autism Open House.

October is Autism Awareness Month and it has given the North Bay community an opportunity to talk about Autism Spectrum Disorder, and early signs in children through events and activities.

Families in North Bay celebrated with an open house held by Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016. The open house had a terrific turnout offering dozens of families a glimpse into available resources for children with autism, including Hands’ Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) program.

“Autism signs and symptoms are usually noticeable in early childhood around 18 months. It is important for us to connect with parents and have discussions about what early signs of Autism they might look for in their children,” said Nathalie Ouellette, Senior Manager of Autism Services at Hands. “Through events such as our open house, we have the privilege of inviting our community in to see the amazing work our team does on a daily basis to improve the lives of children and their families.”

Sensory Sensitive Halloween Event

To wrap-up October’s Autism Awareness Month, children and families are invited to participate in a “sensory sensitive” Halloween celebration on Saturday, October 29, 2016 being hosted by Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca. Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids, but it may offer certain challenges for children with Autism. This free event will provide an opportunity for children to have a positive Halloween experience in an environment with reduced triggers such as lighting, noise, scary costumes and the need to go out in the dark. Registration is required; families are asked to contact Hands at 705-476-2293 ext. 1323 to reserve a spot.

For more information on Autism, including early signs and resources for parents, contact Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca or visit www.TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca/Autism.

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