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Ontario Autism Program Tip Sheets

Posted on: April 7th, 2018

The Ontario Autism Program (OAP): ensures autism services for children and youth are delivered consistently across the province; allows for flexibility and choice based on each child’s needs; and, gives families confidence in receiving quality services.

As a regional provider, Hands and One Kids Place are pleased to offer families a variety of core foundational services as well as a broad continuum of behavioural services.  These supports will build and strengthen the capacity of the individual child/youth, their family and those supporting them to teach new skills, reduce challenging behaviour, and foster independence in the meaningful areas of their lives.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Tip Sheet

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets are available under the “Resources” tab of our Ontario Autism Program webpage. Tip sheets are brief summaries of information that can be provided to help families understand a variety of themes that are relevant to their child/youth’s development or Family Service Plan.

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