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Queens University Looking for Families for Autism Research Registry

Posted on: July 29th, 2014

ASD-CARC (Autism Spectrum Disorders, Canadian-American Research Consortium) is a group of researchers across Canada and the US who work with other researchers and research programs globally. Their mission is to learn more about the causes and development of ASDs so that they can improve the lives of those affected by ASDs. They combine genetic data (saliva samples) with survey responses from families affected by ASDs, and they seek to find genes and environmental factors that contribute to ASD behaviours.

Through involvement with the Research Registry, individuals on the spectrum and their families can participate in online research questionnaires, provide genetic (saliva) samples by mail, be contacted about other studies by ASD-CARC, and keep updated about findings by ASD-CARC’s researchers. All information received by the Research Registry is secure, as specified by the ASD-CARC Privacy Policy. Families who are involved with the Research Registry make it possible to study developmental, genetic and environmental factors important in ASD susceptibility and to better understand different ASD characteristics/phenotypes.

ASD-CARC would like to invite you to join their Research Registry! To register, please go to www.AutismResearch.com and click on the “Participate” tab. You can also register by calling their toll-free number 1-866-273-2272.

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